This video shows the levels I worked on while on the production Tales from Deep Space. 

Hello and welcome and a bit about me.

 I’m Desmond Walsh. I’m currently an environment artist with Frontier Developments. Over my time in the industry I have worked on several games for mobile (iOS, Android and Kindle Fire) PC and consoles (Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.)

To me game art is more then just a carefully constructed mesh of polys and verts with beautifully painted materials, it's a storytelling tool. Each carefully constructed object complementing the other to tell a story that only a visual medium can do. Taking light and shadow with colour to sell mood and atmosphere. Combining it with well thought out compassion that works in partnership with solid game design to help players understand an otherwise overwhelming situation to point them to the right path and tell them, without words, about the place they are standing in and how it fits to the fictional universe in which they find themselves. I believe I take all these aspects into account when I create a piece of work be it an isolated object or a complete level

On those projects I was talking about I did the following (and some other stuff as well):  

  • Working closely with project leads, design and concept art teams prototyping and contributing my own ideas on the early work flow of projects.

  • Modeling and texturing environments and assets with the production team to a finished high standard.

  • Optimizing and fine tuning assets to run on multiple hardware platforms.